Increase Gross Written Premium by Decreasing Expense Ratio, Submission Time, and Cycle Time.


Expand Your Insights

Access to hundreds of industry-specific questions curated by our data scientists and underwriting experts.

Does the restaurant have a seating capacity above 300?
Does the insured perform off-premises catering?
Is the insured open 24 hours a day?

Customize Your Questions

Close underwriting gaps with customized questions that we can refine and implement with your team within two weeks.


Bind Quotes Faster

Run submissions for bindable quoting in less than 10 seconds.


Industry Classification

  • Classification system that leverages today’s most advanced technology to deliver highly accurate classification (NAICS, SIC and line of business codes, including WC, ISO GL, and more).

  • Classification models built, validated, and in production — covering approximately 90 percent of NAICS codes.

  • Accuracy ratio and source-data transparency behind the models.

Risk Insights

Answers to your most pressing underwriting questions — delivered in seconds from fresh data.

  • Hundreds of application question models built and in production.

  • Ability to build customized application models within two weeks.


Our Numbers Don’t Lie

We built user feedback loops into our core technology to continuously improve accuracy and speed. We also tested more than one million submissions, before broad deployment with top global carriers.

93 %

Hit rate for businesses online, including businesses with less than 5 employees.

90 %

Accuracy in 10 seconds or less with just name and address inputs.


Weeks to integrate and implement into current systems.