Pre-Fill and Straight-Through Processing

  • Delight your customers by reducing the number of eligibility questions to a fraction of traditional submissions.

  • Drive straight-through processing confidently with precise insights and underwriting rules based on transparent source data.

  • Get real-time insights within seconds, with only a business name and address.


  • Put the right answers at your underwriters’ fingertips, so they don’t have to spend hours searching for data.

  • Establish a consistent source of truth as the basis for underwriting decisions throughout your organization.

  • Energize all distribution channels with real-time insights, delivered when you need them.

  • Improve profitability with access to consistent, precise insights across an entire book of business.


Portfolio Management

  • Achieve business and operational confidence with consistent and accurate understanding of your portfolio characteristics.

  • Gain insight into changes over time as SmartRatio allows you to detect and adjust to economy and market fluctuations.

  • Drive underwriting consistency based on common sources of precise data.

Premium Audit

  • Reduce expenses by detecting operational changes.

  • Improve customer experience by assigning appropriate policyholder audits.

  • Attain visibility into normal operational shifts and changes driven by macroeconomic and market factors, such as the COVID pandemic, recession, or inflationary conditions.


Book Roll Evaluation

  • Accomplish real-time book diligence to understand the makeup of a book of business being considered for acquisition.

    Increase return on investment (ROI) by knowing more precisely what you are targeting or acquiring, before making a commitment.